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VRise Therapeutics, Inc.│ Accelerating Precision Medicine

VRise Therapeutics is a biotechnology company aspiring to bring transformative change to the lives of cancer patients through precision medicine.

Our global research team, networked with our strong base in Asia, enables us to accelerate the development of innovative medicines. The Covid-era has further validated the advantages of virtual development by harnessing key experts and stakeholders to contain costs and significantly reduce development timelines. At VRise our mission is to achieve rapid proof-of-concept, at low cost, while positioning high-quality assets for late-stage development. We have a demonstrated track record of success using this rapid development philosophy and operational model. VRise is poised to take advantage of its global network and next generation technology to bring innovative medicines to patients.

Our Vision

To bring innovative medicines for a better tomorrow. We believe that there are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach.


We strive to use modern innovation to support intelligent solutions to the challenge of drug development. At VRise we embrace knowledge and respect intellectual property. We use planning, practice and resolve to produce challenging science through operational excellence.

The VRise team comprises individuals representing diverse cultures enriched with deep research experience in small molecule drug discovery research. Our discovery team spans medicinal chemistry, technology and cancer biology. We use a de-novo approach to drug design where challenging targets are investigated virtually before triggering a process-focused scientific approach. This is all supported by deep expertise in intellectual property, regulatory sciences and corporate governance.